1966 Shelby Superperformance Cobra

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Condition Used
Year 10-1966

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Shelby
Year 10-1966
Price $0
Transmission Manual

Vehicle Description

1966 Shelby Cobra MK3 by Superperformance. If you are familiar with the Superperformance cars you are aware that they are the best Cobra Replicas produced in both handling and quality of Fit and Finish. Hand made in South Africa as a roller and shipped to the US for engine installation. The Crate Ford Racing 392 v8 producing 430HP and 450lbs of Torque was installed by Voss Racing. Backed by a Tremec 5 speed and positraction independent rear differential. Coil overs and Disc brakes on all 4 corners. Rolls on true Knock off Shelby American rims with BFG tires.

   Genuine leather interior with Smiths gauges. This car had Vintage Air AC and Heat installed as well as a Clarion sound system and LED lighting. It also has a removeable hardtop, side windows, and a soft tip that fits in the trunk. The most optioned out Cobra MK3 Ive ever seen!

Silver paint is stunning with a few minor scratches and chip touch ups from use all detailed in the walk around video of the car. 15,653 miles on the car.  Fast and fun! You cant beat these Superperformace Cobras! Titled as a 1966 Shelby with original Superperformance Vin.