2004 Monster Garage West Coast Choppers BellyTank Streamliner.

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Condition Used
Year 04-2004

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Other
Year 04-2004
Transmission Automatic

Vehicle Description

2004 Monster Garage West Coast Choppers BellyTank Streamliner from season 3, episode 13 of Monster Garage on Discovery Channel. Jesse found the Phantom F-4 fuel tank somewhere in Mexico while on a ride with Kid Rock. 

Powered by a 400cu in small block Chevy with Littlefield 671 Blower, dual Edelbrock carbs, headers made personally by Jesse James on the show. B&M 2 speed Powerglide Transmission, B&M shifter, and Winters quick Change differential. Front suspension was gifted by Pete Chapouris of SoCal Speed Shop.

Jesse went to Bill Burke (world’s first lakester builder) and Al Teague (fastest lakester speed record holder) for project advise on the build. 
Build team consisted of:
Robert “Stainless” Steele (as Stainless), Boeing technical support specialist from Wichita, Kansas
John Gowestski, retired air force machine builder and fabricator from Littleton, Colorado
Charlie Hamilton, lakester expert, mechanic and fabricator from Lake Tahoe, California
James Iiams, welder and fabricator from Cypress, California
Tim McNees, race car fabricator and builder from Salt Lake City, Utah