1963 Studebaker R2 Factory Supercharged 4 Speed manual.

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Condition Used
Year 12-2020

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make studebaker
Year 12-2020
Transmission Manual

Vehicle Description

1963 Studebaker R2 Factory Supercharged 4 Speed manual. One owner Car until 2005 when it was passed down to his niece who cared for the car until 2020. The first owner was an Avanti club member since Day One and meticulously cared for the car. It was always garage kept in its homes in Tacoma Washington and also in Northern California. It had some cosmetic restoration in the mid 80’s that was performed by “Avanti Northwest Inc.” Work performed included repaint in its original color of Turquoise. Its history is quite documented and comes with a full file box of manuals, Avanti Club newsletters, Tons of receipts of work performed, registrations, and original purchase receipts when the car was bough new at ABC motors in Tacoma. We also have the original build records from The Studebaker Museum. The interior is largely original and in very good shape. The carpet was worn when I got the car so I had an all new correct carpet installed. Seats are nice but the driver side has a split on the seam of the bottom cushion. This Avanti has had no major body repairs or rust ever. The only modifications from stock are the radial tires and CB radio. Runs and drives excellent . Extremely rare factory 4 speed manual car, one of less than 500 produced. All numbers matching car.