1940 V860 Sprint Car Midget

Condition Used
Year 05-1940

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Ford
Model Other
Year 05-1940
Transmission Manual

Vehicle Description

1940 V860 Sprint Car Midget. Auction now live, sells to the high bidder here:
Maintained for many years by the president of ACOT (Atlantic Coast Old Timers) Auto racing Club, Keith Majka. He rebuilt the v860 engine that was last run about 5 years ago. It was only run enough to break the cam in since it was rebuilt by Keith with Egge 9.1 pistons, shot peened rods, decked block, and new valves. It sports Ultra rare original Eddie Meyer heads and early Edelbrock intake with dual Stromburgs. Ignition provided by a Harmon and Collins Magneto. backed by an in/ out box and a Quick Change differential out back.

  Body is all hand made aluminum. Wheels are original Magnesium Halibrand. Steering wheel is an original 4 spoke Bell. Race fuel still smells fine, brakes seem fine and were rebuilt about 5 years ago as well. (comes with spares) should be ready to run with some new tires.