1934 Ford “Chicken Coupe”

Condition Used
Year 06-1934

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Ford
Model Other
Year 06-1934
Transmission Manual

Vehicle Description

1934 Ford “Chicken Coupe”
Dry lake bed racer known as the “Chicken Coupe”
A personal car of the Muro brothers
Ran at both El Mirage and Bonneville in the 2000s
Regular runs from the 1960s onward
This car shows the evolution of California hot rodding, with updates over the years
Emulates early lakes coupes—similar to the Pierson Brothers’ groundbreaking coupe
7-inches removed from car’s roofline
Age of original car verified by gas welds
1933 cowl
355 CI V-8 engine
Comp Cams camshaft
Ported camel-hump heads
Dual 4-barrel carburetors
Cragar 471 Blower
T10 4-speed manual transmission
Sheet aluminum stamped with 140 louvers
Super Bell dropped axle and hairpins
18-inch spindle-mount mag wheels
Dragmaster slicks.