1976 Porsche 914

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1976 Porsche 914

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1976 Porsche 914.

Originally a 2.0 5 speed car that was upgraded to a high-performance air-cooled 4-cylinder engine built by FAT Performance in California. The engine is 2,258cc and was dynoed at 175hp, up from 100hp in the original engine. The engine has a 78mm forged C/W crankshaft, 215mm Kennedy Stage 1 Pressure plate, 215mm weighted flywheel, 96mm pistons and cylinders, dual weber carburetors and a 50-amp Bosch alternator. The original exhaust also has been exchanged for a custom stainless tuned exhaust from A1 Racing. During the build the original 5 speed transmission was serviced and goes through the gears flawlessly. New suspension components and upgraded Disc brakes were installed converting the original 4-lug hubs to 5-lug hubs with fully polished original 6-inch Fuchs wheels. Even the Spare matches.

On the exterior, the side front turn signals were removed for a more streamlined look, and the front and rear body sections were converted to allow the installation of the 1974 chrome bumpers for a backdated look. The car was painted Porsche Guards Red and is show Quality. Very straight and fully sanded and buffed for a mirror finish. Most of the chrome trim and rubber was replaced during assembly. New column coverings were installed, as well as new taillight lenses, new side mirrors, and Porsche lettering added on the engine cover.

All new interior including carpets, door sill trim pieces, and threshold pieces.  The seats have been reupholstered with plaid fabric. A new MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel has been installed, as well as a new shift lever knob, and a new stereo with Bluetooth functionality. There are less than 300 miles on the engine since it has been installed. High-performance racing oil is used, and the car runs on premium 91-octane pump gas.

Extremely Fun and Fast 914 ready to enjoy!



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