1971 Camaro Z28 17k original miles Unrestored Original.

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1971 Camaro Z28 17k original miles Unrestored Original.

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1971 Camaro Z28 17k original miles Unrestored Original. Bought new at Brooklyn Chevrolet in Cleveland Ohio for John Roll of Parma Ohio, who cared for this car until 2005 when it had only 17,200 miles. I acquired the car from the 2nd owner who rarely drove the car, only putting another 175 miles on it from 2005-2019. The 2nd owner had told me that the original owner worked for a company that did car undercoating for dealerships among other things. When the car was new, the trunk was sprayed with a cosmolene type substance that amazingly kept the original finish like brand new. The undercarriage I found out later was also sprayed with the same substance, not undercoated with a rubberized product that you usually see. After 3 weeks of careful degreasing of the undercarriage what it revealed was absolutely amazing. The underside of this car is about as close as day one fresh as you will ever find. All of the red oxide primer is intact, showing Mulsanne Blue overspray (as factory), all original hoses, lines, clamps are in amazing shape. Factory markings were evident. All 4 shocks are original, all drivetrain is original matching numbers optioned with the M22 “rock Crusher” 4 speed and 410 posi traction rear differential. Even all the brake components are original to the car. This Z28 had some “day 2 “modifications that I decided to keep, they are as follows: Custom headers and exhaust. I kept the headers and had them ceramic coated black, sourced an NOS original muffler, and did a header back factory type exhaust. It has an aftermarket 8 track player but I have the original stereo that is like brand new. A stewart warner oil pressure gauge was added. I bough four correct Firestone tires for the car, the spare is still the original in like new shape. All original paint with the exception of some touch ups by Brooklyn Chevrolet in 1971(with receipts) He had a ding in the driver quarter panel but while that was getting fixed he complained of a poor finish on the Driver side c pillar where these cars were leaded together from the factory. They did a blend there that shows some minor imperfections as the car aged. Otherwise the paint is amazing, shines beautifully with only very minimal flaws from age. Interior is all original and like new. All glass, chrome, stainless , etc is original and unrestored. Fully documented with Build sheet, protecto plate in warranty book, maintenance receipts from dealership (with protecto plate stamp imprints!), other maintenance receipts that show mileage, Owners manuals, dealership advertising, a notarized letter from 2005 by original owner verifying mileage and originality(and the reason whey the car was in his dads name originally((for insurance purposes!)), NCRS delivery report. Ive also got a ton of detailed pics before I cleaned it that I can share with serious buyers. This has to be one of the finest original unrestored 1971 Z28’s extant. Runs and drives like amazing!



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