1936 Ford “Model Y” English Tudor Sedan

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1936 Ford “Model Y” English Tudor Sedan

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1936 Ford “Model Y” English Tudor Sedan. This body style was the first Ford ever specifically built for a market outside the US. Designed by stylist E.T. Gregorie in 1931 as a replacement for the model A in Europe, they began production for the 1932 model year. Rumor has it when Henry Ford first saw the design he instructed his designers that the Fords US 1933 (model 40) design should exactly replicate E.T.s advanced rakish design. 1933 and 34 Fords are a larger scale near exact replica of this cars design.

This model Y Made its way to the US many years ago and remains a solid original and virtually rust free example. The Black paint is very old and shows many imperfections due to age, excellent Patina in my opinion. No evidence of any patch panels. Floors are very solid and fenders have original beading intact. Interior was redone many years ago and matches the Patina of the exterior nicely. I am surprised how much room this car has, I feel more comfortable in this car driving than a full size model 40.

The L head inline four cylinder engine runs very strong and has a whopping 8hp. The carburetor was upgraded but this car still has the original which will accompany the car. The 3 speed manual transmission shifts fine and the brakes work very well for mechanical brakes. All lighting works great. Fun little car to put around town in.

Comes with its original registration from 1936 showing “Miss Emma Susannah Thorpe as its first owner in West Suffolk.



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