1930 Cadillac Lasalle model 340

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1930 Cadillac Lasalle model 340

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1930 Cadillac Lasalle model 340. California car with its 1963 issued Black plates. Purchased in 1971  by the second owner whose family I received it from in 2021, over 50 years of ownership. It was a very nice original car when purchased and used until the mid 70’s when he began a cosmetic restoration that included Complete paint to a very high standard on a rock solid rust and damage free body. The interior was also completely replaced. The restoration was never completed and the car sat for many years. I acquired the car from the owners son a few months back and got it running and driving again. It runs very smooth with no knocks or misfiring. The coolant system is full and no leaks evident. Transmission shifts smoothly in all 3 gears and reverse. Brakes work amazing for a car of this era. Far superior to Henry Fords A! This car still needs work to complete, some trim pieces are not attached or missing and it will need a whole new wiring harness. The original harness was too brittle. It is wired just for the engine to run, there are no wires run to any of the lights. One of the windows has a crack and the tires are at least 40 years old. The paint was finished in Lacquer and shines amazingly. The panels are extremely straight with excellent door and hood alignment. Under fenders are beautiful with not a single hammer mark evident. There are some paint chips and scratches from years of storage. Doors open and close great.

Great car ready for its next caretaker.



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